Based on 40 years in Land development, Construction and Real Estate Brokerage, I offer my expertise in Negotiating, investigating, and conflict resolution in any related matter. Working with experts in different fields, allows me to offer a complete pallet of services on most topics of common or a specialized nature.

Having a history in Business matters, I offer my Consulting services in evaluations, dispute resolution, and planning for success. Getting good advice at the onset of anything, costs less than digging yourself out of a situation which has become a problem.

Dealing with Controversy can be stressful in any situation, with individuals as well as with Authorities, Businesses or Individuals, when you have a lot at ‘stake’.

Write or call if you are not sure what to do. Listening to YOUR concerns is free. I will tell you when the ‘Meter’ start running before it starts.

What we do – for YOU

We offer ‘Quick Response’ for anyone needing help – NOW.
No matter where you are – if you can see this – you can reach us.

We review your concerns

map out a sensible way for you to proceed, resolving whatever your unique situation calls for, with or without 3rd. party assistance. Based on decades of personal experiences, in a wide range of life situations, personal and business, we use that experience, to offer ‘down to earth’ counseling, at affordable rates.

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Separating the facts from emotion, will help you get the results most advantages to you, and at the least cost.