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About me

I was born and educated in Germany, immigrated to Canada in 1956.

In 1962 was offered a 5 year contract by Air France Airlines, travelling the Globe, successfully negotiating on their behalf with clients, on four continents.

Since 1967, I has been living in Kelowna, while continuing to travel, representing clients world wide.

Licensed as a Commercial Realtor for 30 years, I developed Land, constructed Residential, Commercial and Industrial projects for clients, and my own portfolio.

Personal experiences in negotiating with all levels of Government Departments, Trade and General Contractors, Financial and other institutions, as well as the legal aspects involved in every dealing, has given me the foundation and maturity required to analyze and find solutions in most every situation.

Learning how to deal with Governments, Courts, Trade and Building Contractors, Suppliers and individuals. They all had one thing in common, they were all human, just like me, only, their exposure to life had been different.

Negotiating my first contract in my own business at the age of 20, has given me the opportunity to continue developing my negotiating skills, on a wide range of personal and business matters throughout the years.

I have always found the ‘down to earth – no nonsense approach’, the most productive, while keeping a respectful tone and mannerism at the base of all interactions.

For me, talking to anyone, on any subject, is an enjoyable interaction between human beings. Being well equipped with a broad base of knowledge, is advantageous.

H.P. Kuehn