The GOOD – The BAD — The UGLY  —–  parts of the INTERNET

Part 1 of  3

The GOOD is that we can learn more about the World we live in, it’s People and almost any information you would want in seconds. I really love that part.

When I went to school, we stood up when the Teacher called our names and recited whatever was requested. No calculators, no Tablets, no smart phones, no quick and easy references on anything.

If you did not worked hard and did your own research, memorized what you read, , you simply ‘failed’ and did the same class over again, till you learned, but with an ever growing number of ‘younger’ students. Very embarrassing, particularly if you failed twice or more. I know of some who may have benefitted from that no longer effective process in today’s world, where everyone is ‘pushed’ through, no matter if they come out at the end with the knowledge of “Grade 4”.

Not having an Internet then, was good, because we did not know about how terrible some people can be, so we were not getting our daily rations of misery, our lives were happier with very little to entertain us, other than our Families, Friends and our own very active imaginations. We talked for hours every day, something that came natural, lost on today’s youth, but then – they have Twitter and SMS……….so who needs to talk anymore……….lol

We knew our Geography, Arithmetic and language skills not from copying them on the Internet, but from actual grinding ‘home work’. We had the assistance of our older Brothers, Sisters and their friends who were ahead of us in School. Parents had their hands full earning a living, keeping Food on the Table and the place we lived in clean. But they still kept an eye on what we were doing and that it met with their standards for us.

Thanks God for this, but mainly our Parents, for it is the reason why most of us stayed out of real trouble. Carrying a Knife and even Guns, was not a possibility. WE had our fist fights and wrestling matches, but no one got ever seriously hurt.

I have found that my education, though it was not University right after the WWII , gave me the foundation for my life, which carried me to many successes to this day.

Developing our senses and listening to same, our Instincts, has saved me from many potentially terrible experiences in my life. The latest I am just coming out of, will be of interest to many of you, as it could catch up with you too. Reading it will enable you to pass it on to others in your circle of influence. I hope you will, as this is potentially crippling for anyone who gets caught up in it. So I urge you to read Parts 2 & 3 in my next Blogs, coming in the next few days.

 The BAD

We know of incidents where unsuspecting individuals have been hurt via the Internet. We hear of Girls being used sexually, and as a result embarrassed, shamed even to the point of committing suicide. Of course we blame those who are responsible, and try to punish them for the harm they have done to that individual, but also to those left behind.

To the ones doing it, it is nothing but a Game, a unique thrill to satisfy their need for something way outside of the ‘Box’. Something sinister, the reason why horror Movies and action movies with particular graphic scenes like the Series “Spartacus”, where Heads come off like shaking a Tree with overripe Cherries. All done with today’s ‘High Tech’  to make it a ‘virtual reality’. Some of it for very good purposes, most of the uses are very detrimental to society, in particular for young undeveloped minds, which Patents fail to protect !

The real culprits are of course the children’s Parents, who disavow any responsibility, because ‘they too’, have to work to make money, make ends meet, and therefore blame society as a whole, failing completely in accepting  personal responsibility for the Children ‘they chose’ to bring into this world.

It’s like Pet’s for Children, when they get tired of playing with them, they also stop feeding and grooming them, letting them to their own devices, no guidance, just as long a they don’t become a ‘bother’ to them. Parents take it in stride, but do nothing about it, but complain of how difficult their Children are, and their own lives in particular. Not seldom do I hear the question, ‘ why does our Government not have programs for Children to keep them busy’ ? WOW….


The criminal element has found the perfect tool for just about any crime they wish to commit, the Internet. Only now it is mostly no longer possible, or at least most difficult to find them, and even more so to get them in front of a Judge.

 A recent experience of my own will be a good example of what to look out for

Some weeks ago I am getting one e-mail from an attractive young lady, who asked to be ‘connected’ with me on my ‘Linkedin” page. As you are reading this, no further explanation of that process is necessary. I accepted.

Not long after that, I receive an e-mail via “Linkedin” from this young lady, whom I am already ‘connected ‘to, telling me of a business opportunity which appeared to fall within my realm of professional activities. It looked interesting and genuine, so I take the information provided and follow up.

I enter into a contractual agreement with the oversees party, and receive my first file to work on.

Of course I check out the Company via the internet, it’s a bit sparse but looks ok. Meanwhile the e-mail exchange is heavy and follows an expected course, details of what, how, when etc.

After about four weeks time, I receive a similar offer, through a different HR professional, bringing me another contact, on the surface very interesting , also  overseas.  Now I have done business for decades with out of country clients, now my Gut tells me to look out. Suspicion is awake, but not active at this point.

I engage and find myself steering rapidly toward another business opportunity, similarly attractive on the surface, and congratulate myself for being that fortunate, and that at my advanced age, where I am working basically because I am not ready to re-retire.

I love my work, I love assisting others in sorting out so called Problems, as I find them to be interesting ‘challenges’ , to bring into useful focus for my Clients.

Nothing better for Old Goats, then to put them into lush green pastures to roam at will.

I contacted both “HR professionals” to thank them for the Contacts provided, one had even requested to be mentioned, I supposed for the Fee he was expecting for guiding a sought after Consultant in to ‘their’ Net .

Their Profile looks legitimate, have 500+ connections, and are Canadian, so what can go wrong ? The fact is, everything can be projected to be something it is not.

I finish ‘ Part 1’ with a warning, with details in ‘Part 2’

WARNING !!! Consultants are being targeted 

 This is NOT history — but happening right NOW !!!


 Let others know – they may thank you, particularly if they are in the midst of an experience like this and have not yet been alerted  !!