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Misuse of Taxpayers Money – when will it end ?

Honeymoon with First Nations Chief - How will it end ?

Honeymoon with First Nations – How will it  end ?

From the Time Robert William Pickton , a BC serial Killer, active over nearly 2 decades – 1983 to 2002 was found out, it was not from an Enquiry, but rather from him not following City Bylaws, which got the authorities up in arms, who started shutting his illegal entertainment business down. While doing so, they obtained search warrants, and everything thereafter is history.

This did not come about through Enquiries, but by local law enforcement finally removing the cobwebs from their eyes. They had reports for years before 2002, but never had the Balls to investigate, so many lives were lost, which could have been saved. However, no one ‘dragged’ the Women there, they went because they expected to have fun at no cost to them.

The demanded and following ‘Enquiry’ brought nothing to light, which could be implemented to prevent similar things from happening in the future, but it cost tyne Taxpayers millions. A few FN Women were still not satisfied, they all wanted ‘their’ day in court. Had these Women taken better care in bringing up ‘their’ Daughters, ‘they’ would not have lost them !

To this day Aboriginal Woman are continued to be the victims of foul play, nothing has changed, nothing will, as long as Aboriginal’s as a whole, will not bring a different attitude to the table. Changing their way of thinking, taking responsibility for their own Nation and lives. If all the funds they receive from our Governments – from us, would go where they are meant to end up, used as intended, Aboriginals plight would be well above from where it is now, and remains to be, unless they make changes from within. Using more intoxicants of any kind, may dull their consciousness for a few hours, but never change the reality until they plan and work their way up to the next plateau.

We see shining examples of Aboriginals changing their lives, by taking matters into their individual hands, use and develop their talents, instead of spending their time ‘crying’ and blaming us for their never ending miseries. They are proud members of their Nations Societies, and have earned what they have.

Proof of success by those who strive and make the commitment

First Nations ‘Artists’ Award 2015 in BC. Proof of success by those who strive and make the commitment – no matter what their Nation is called 

Artists who work hard to make and market their Crafts, proud First Nations Women and Men, who have taken the initiative and whatever support available, to integrate into society and make the most of their lives.


Women with ambition and success, they did not get there by crying ‘foul’ when things did not go their way. Hard work and persistence is the answer, as they can be seen by their accomplishments.

                                              Another example of success by young Aboriginals.

It has been documented in every previous Enquiry, that 90% of the murders are done by Aboriginals themselves, by family members, by other Aboriginals whom they knew, only 10% by none Aboriginals to whom Aboriginal Women seemingly ‘willingly’ expose themselves for personal gain, and that often enough at the highest price anyone can pay, with their lives.

There are those who have done exactly that, and worked their way into a normal lifestyle, when compared to the rest of the country.

Enquiries are an easy way for politicians to garner votes, the commodity they need to get elected, and we as Taxpayers carry the actual burden. Hundreds of millions of our dollars are wasted, to what end ? To help those responsible for getting their own people killed, through neglect, to sleep better ?!

What is really happening, is that the First Nations Politicians are no better than our own. They are looking out for their own skins with an eye on their next election, when they need ammunition to show how ‘tough’ they are when it comes to protecting First Nations Rights in negotiations with Governments, Federal in particular.

For that, they are insisting that none FN Canadians are going to bleed a little. Not too much to make us mad, just enough to make a relatively big splash with their own. Most Canadians are in a state of ‘silent endurance’ when they hear of ‘another’ Enquiry is approved. This time at the cost of how many millions being wasted ?

A little late to help those killed, but just in time to make parents of these unfortunates feel that they finally accomplished what they failed to do for their Children when they were still alive; do something, anything, just something….but certainly nothing that would help those who got themselves killed, or for that matter, will in the future.

Until First Nations stop to blame us for their own shortcomings, this will not change. Their Children are neglected, while Parents are doped-up or drink to oblivion to forget their own inability or lack of stamina, to do what it takes, to get out from under.

In recent history , the 1930’s and  ’40’s, we can take a comparative look at what the Jewish Nation did, to get out from under. They had it worse then First Nations, now, only after a few decades, they are the most powerful Nation in the Middle East. Canadians having been paying heavily for decades to First Nations, where has all that money gone ?

Canadian First Nations Village of era's gone by. How did they ever manage to live happy lives then ?

Canadian First Nations Village of era’s gone by. How did they ever manage to live happy lives then ?

 We know, but are afraid to say it !

When we look at the history of FN in North America, we find that their living conditions were in tune with nature. Today there seem to be only in tune with what they feel we can afford to hand them. Work ? That is for the white Man. They are demanding all the exempt privileges, then turn around and abuse them. When one gets caught, it is politically correct to quickly shut it down, turn a blind eye, for fear we have another national confrontation.

A Tax exemption on everything we pay Taxes on, is turned into a ‘Duty Free’ business by some FN, by selling to none Indians coming to Reserves to benefit by the much lower prices they can get, not paying Taxes. Well, with that kind of advantage over the competition, who would not want to be in their place. Illegal ? Not for us, ‘ we have exempt status ‘.

I have yet to hear of a First Nations Member to be put in jail for breaking the Laws we are send to jail for. Reconciliation Councils, Elder Circles are the preferred way to bring these poor individuals back onto the right path. Does it work ? Your guess is as good as mine, because we never get the good news.

Yes we recognize that bad things have happened, and I for one am glad to see admission, retribution and compensation, but that is also where it must end !

Fist Nations are most of the time engaged in fighting amongst themselves. When things get ‘to hot’ amongst them, they find attacking us again, makes for a good diversion to allow things to ‘cool’ down again in their now camps.

Getting together again at long last - taking on the 'WhiteMan'

Getting together again at long last – taking on the ‘WhiteMan’

We hear reports in the Media of unbelievable ‘Salaries’ being paid by Chiefs to ‘themselves’, expenses that would make a Senator blush. When a Government dares to demand ‘accounting’ for the funds Canadians pay to all FN, they are attacked and told its none of our business.

If FN feel so strong, why don’t they work for their money and pay Taxes, then make decisions of how to spend ‘their money’ any way they want ? That would be work – why go there if you have millions of Canadians do that for you ?

It can no longer be the excuse for FN Parents, to neglected their Children, leave them unsupervised, to fend for themselves, and stick us with the Bill for giving FN a ‘whitewash’ for something they, and no one else are really responsible for, they and no one else can effectively change- the utter neglect of their own people, by their own people.

Whenever FN cry ‘foul’, we are ‘bullied’ into spending money for political reasons, knowing full well, by itself, it will change nothing, save not one life.

Steven Harper had it right when he said; “We have an existing Justice System with Laws applying to all.

What we need to do – enforce it. We have Law Enforcement Agencies, who’s job it is to enforce the Law of the Country.            As Prime Minister, he refused to be ‘bullied’ into spending our money foolishly on totally useless Investigations and much less on National Enquiries.

Instead of spending enormous amounts of money on Enquiries, perhaps building infrastructure for more civilized living, would do more to help change the lives of FN to the better. Potable Water sources, Homes, Schools, would be a fundamental start to help them change their quality of life, instead of handing the money over to their Bands and Chiefs to allocate as they see fit. Greed is not reserved for the white Man, and fair play is in our world only for those who don’t know any better, sad but true.

Our new Government is finding out fast, that what they promised in the election campaign, will be impossible to keep. Getting things done in a sustainable way, takes time in a democracy, ‘ramming’ it down our throats will be costly for the average Canadian, as it is us who have to pay the Bills, not those we elected to work for us.

Nature has bestowed a number of benefits on Mr. Trudeau, I hope one of them will be to realize, he is not God, and forcing matters, just because he now can, does not mean it will work, or be good for Canadians.

 What we can do ?

Make our concerns heard by those we have elected – let them know we are watching and have concerns about what and how they are using the mandate we gave them, to look first of all, after our needs, before trying to look magnanimous on the World stage.

Elizabeth May, for years the only MP of the Green Party has persistently pointed out the shortcomings of Governments decisions. She is only one person, who with guts and integrity, has become the conscious of the nation on climate change and preservation of nature and thereby our lives.

To me she is an example of what one dedicated person with good intentions can do to prevent the worst from happening, supporting her should come natural to all Canadians.

Pick up your phone now and let your MLA – your MP know, that you are not approving of wasting money on sheer politicking, write an e-mail or letter to them and to the Prime Minister. We don’t ask or expect them to be perfect, just don’t knowingly and recklessly help or just condone wasting our hard earned money.

We elected you to look out for our best interest, not yours . Politicians are employed by us, supposed to ‘work’ for us – not the other way around.

Arranging to have some Canadians meet the Prime Minister in person is new, but does it actually do anything for Canadian’s, or just make the PM look good and trying hard ? – Only time will tell !

It is up to each one of us to let our elected officials know, what we expect of them, all the time, not just at elections, when most of us forget which promises from the previous election were kept and what excuses were fed to us for all those promises not kept.


*As always, thank you for ‘checking in’. If you happen to agree in principal, pass this message on, it may not do a great deal to influence the Governments, but if you don’t, is will most assuredly die right here………





Social Foolishness – or irresponsibility ?

It is the season again, where we hear of tragic accidents with people dying. Snow Boarder’s, Skiers, Snow Mobile Riders, dozens every year.

Does this look like an Injury in the making ?

Does this look like an Injury in the making ?

Sometimes our heartfelt empathy for the Families left behind to cope with their loss, is well placed. Support is rightly given by family and friends, to help those left behind, but it does not fill the terrible void it leaves for Parents who loose their youngsters, for Wives loosing their Husbands nor Children loosing one or both of their Parents or Siblings.

We, are or have, all enjoyed sports in our lives. It is healthy, it gives us the opportunity to ‘de-stress’, to feel joy and the freedom to ‘let go’, to interact with others. All necessary to create balance in our lives, which are otherwise full of work and worries.

But what about those literally ‘going off the Trail’ ? Knowingly looking for the thrill of danger – the ‘tickle’ of that extra ‘Adrenaline High’ ? Skiers and Snowboarders going knowingly ‘out of Bounds’ ? Snow Mobile enthusiast going knowingly into Avalanche Areas ?

This applies of course to many other ‘sports’ endeavors we know and hear about, and they are getting more dangerous all the time. By some, these individuals are seen as some kind of ‘Hero’s’, ‘Dare-devils’, people to imitated, admired.They are seen by our youngsters as someone to emulate, by others as people who are ‘above’ the ‘ordinary’ folks.

$20,000 for the Gear, but we pay for the Rescue ?.....

Impressive, until the Landing is Deadly or off a year’s  Work….

When someone does the un-natural, we ALL pay the price ! When it happens, we hear about it in the Media for days, with hourly updates, as if North Vietnam had just launched a Nuclear Missile heading our way. In part it shows how desperate Media is for News. Dramatizing others misfortune is part of their Bread and Butter.

However, we all are effected in a very direct way. Governments at all levels are expected and pressured by groups, to fund rescue and recovery missions. Since Governments, to some peoples surprise, don’t have money, they use OUR money whenever they spend, for anything.

This means, that Taxpayers are on the hook. We are financing the cost to assist the ‘irresponsible’ and the high-risk’ takers in our society, who are willing to take chances with their health and lives, for their very personal enjoyment, at Taxpayers expense. Politicians finance what gets the most Votes at the next election ! (See Mr. Trudeau’s Election Promises)

It is high time for Canadians to voice their opposition to Tax Dollars being ‘abused’ to finance Rescues of individuals or groups, who have no one to blame but themselves, when they are suddenly unable to survive without third party rescue.

This is not to say people who are in trouble should not be helped, but when they choose to exposed themselves to foreseeable dangers, they should be made to pay for the cost of their rescue 100%. If they can pay enormous sums to purchase equipment, pay for the cost of travel and accommodations, which are significant, they should be encouraged to purchase Insurance to cover their personal needs when something goes wrong.

Impressive, until the Landing is deadly or at least with year off work.....

$20,000 + for the ‘Gear’, we pay for the Rescue !….

This is not even taking into account the thousands of Injuries every year, to those engaging in ‘normal’ sports activities and suffer serious injuries. These are treated as part of our health care system, which happens to be also ‘Tax Dollars’ and Premiums paid by Canadians.

Wondering why our Health Care costs are skyrocketing  year after year?

 Search or recovery Missions are very expensive, and Insurance Companies want Premiums to match the risk, so many rely on Taxpayers to pick up the Tab. As long as we don’t put a stop to this,we keep on paying out for something we have absolutely not part in.

Millions of Dollars could go every year to pay for much needed services normal and hard working Canadians need, but cannot pay for. It is time we all made some serious representations to our MLA’s, MP’s and Ministers, to make the necessary changes.

Like in everything, taking something away that was never meant to be what it has become, will get some people upset. Supporting the innocently Sick, the Elderly, Victims of Crime and Accidents, would make sense and have the support of every Canadian.

So get out of your Arm Chairs and make some noise, any noise anywhere, just let those making decisions know, that they are supporting or just condoning the ‘waste’ of Tax Dollars, or the changes we will see, will be even worse from what we see now happening.

Have you ever wondered why ‘Minorities’ seem to get what they want, leaving the ‘Majorities’ holding the proverbial ‘Bag’ ?………..What happen to  the ‘majority’ decides in a Democracy ?

 *As always, if you see merit in what you read here, pass it on, someone else may want to know and actually do something about it.




Canada Struggling To Bring Islam To Our Cities

Migration in full swing and growing

Migration in full swing and growing daily

I have written a few Blogs about what is actually happening around the world, to Countries who opened their doors and even invited Islam into their Homes.

Again, no matter how well intentioned, and Canada’s certainly is, Governments have no control over what is happening ‘behind closed doors’ of the families, once they are here. Muslims, or more correctly, most Middle East countries have families rich in descendants.

As we have seen over the past few years, what their children do when they grow up, does often not have any relationship to where they live. As most do not really integrate into our way of life, our believes, they will always be Muslims and favor the teachings of Islam. Can we really blame them ? I think not, but just that makes it so incompatible for us.

 Europe is feeling it right in their own back yards now – big time !

We still believe, or pretend to, that it is another world ‘over there’. Not anymore, not since we are connected by travel, trade and social media. We have families over there, we have business interests over there – we have like minded people over there.

Islam and Christianity have never been compatible., never will be. It’s like trying to mate a Bird with a Cat, it will never work. The following Video you may enjoy, as it shows some history of the “West’, without belittling any other Society on earth. It clearly shows however, how different our DNA in lifestyle and believes are, when compared to Islam and Sharia Law.

So you might think I am just discriminating, just being small minded ? Let me tell you, I have enjoyed my many travels in the Middle East, had many good hours with Muslims everywhere, done business with them, but always on their terms, respecting – not converting to their believes, and no matter how beautiful and intriguing I found it to be, never had the urge to live there.

There are a number of reason for that, mainly because I loved wherever I lived, in Europe or North America, and had no inclination to become a Muslim. Learning about theirs and other religions and customs is one thing, living their believes is quite something different. It is something that most will find you have to be born into, rare exceptions exist, going both ways.

I am glad to hear, that so many Syrians are refusing to be placed on another continent, far away from home, where one day soon, they hope to go back to. Why are we ‘forcing’ these people to come into a society with which they have absolutely nothing in common ?

Those Canadians who are in support of this, are all good people, trying to help, do the right thing.

Bashar Al Assad, Russia 'having his back'

Bashar Al Assad, Russia ‘having his back’ for how much longer ?

Bashar Al Assad is only one Man, who could easily be put in his place, if not other forces with ulterior motives where calling the shots on this.

Muammar Gaddafi – ‘Colonel Gaddafi’ was as powerful but had to go, once

Once Libya's most powerful Man, a Dictator who kept things together in the Middle East - the very best and worst...

Once Libya’s most powerful Man, a Dictator who kept things together in the Middle East – the very best and worst…

Western powers made the decision. He ruled Libya with an iron hand from 1969 to 2011, but backed off when confronted with overwhelming odds by western demand. A deal was made, he survived, but was it a victory in the long run for anyone ? Much happened to make Libyan’s lives more miserable since then. For some Countries a form of “Dictatorship’ is the right way, the middle East has seen many, still to this day. Yes, there are bad things happening, but worse without it. Here we enjoy, at least most of the time, democracy with all its imperfections, but Sharia Law is quite something else, and that will happen one day, as sure as we are opening our doors to Islam.

Women are still mutilated, stoned by society or just killed outright by their Men, done so with absolute impunity. No wonder they want to come to a country, where this is a criminal act, and persecuted by our laws. But still, even they are fighting our system, a Country they chose to come to, to get away from the inhumanities they were exposed to in their country of birth. Habits and customs of a society with deep and old roots, can not be erased, just painted over, if willing.

Never have we seen in our lifetimes the magnitude of ‘Migration’ as it is happening for the past few years, getting now to a ‘choking’ point for all of Europe.                                                                  

Why are we not taking lessons from those who are now in deep trouble, trying to stem the tide, with little success ?  It’s like watching Waters rise all around you, but not building Dams until the Floods have done their worst.

Western nations are spending ‘Trillions’ of Tax Payers hard earned money, to support the ‘Migration’ of Muslims to North America, many of those against their will. We hear reports of Oil Companies interfering in politics, to ascertain, that they either not loose, or gain access to the rich Oil Fields in the Middle East.

Why are we not getting up in arms to fight this from ruining our lives ???                      Are we to lazy – are we to peaceful – or just stupid ?

Global warming, may in years to come, not be the worst that can happen to western societies.

Little comfort to our Children and Grand Children to know, that their Parents, who are no longer there to protect them, have left them a heritage of incompatible societies to deal with, not the peaceful life we are still enjoying in this Country today.

The very lest we should ask of our ‘new Canadians’ , speak our language, be open, show us your faces, give us the comfort to know, that you will try to become real Canadians, a peace loving and open Society, which has nothing to fear from each other.


 As always, I asked those who agree with my sentiments, to pass on this message to all you are connected to.

 Have a Merry Christmas …….



Al Capone was a Criminal showing his real face. Crooks today can use anyones face to hide behind …..and do just that

Facing the Man vs. the Ghosts of today's  Internet. Atomic science was supposed to do only good...but that was not counting on the devious amongst us...

Facing the Man vs. the Ghosts of today’s Internet.
Atomic science was supposed to do only good…but that was not counting on the devious amongst us…

The GOOD – The BAD — The UGLY  —–  parts of the INTERNET

Part 1 of  3

The GOOD is that we can learn more about the World we live in, it’s People and almost any information you would want in seconds. I really love that part.

When I went to school, we stood up when the Teacher called our names and recited whatever was requested. No calculators, no Tablets, no smart phones, no quick and easy references on anything.

If you did not worked hard and did your own research, memorized what you read, , you simply ‘failed’ and did the same class over again, till you learned, but with an ever growing number of ‘younger’ students. Very embarrassing, particularly if you failed twice or more. I know of some who may have benefitted from that no longer effective process in today’s world, where everyone is ‘pushed’ through, no matter if they come out at the end with the knowledge of “Grade 4”.

Not having an Internet then, was good, because we did not know about how terrible some people can be, so we were not getting our daily rations of misery, our lives were happier with very little to entertain us, other than our Families, Friends and our own very active imaginations. We talked for hours every day, something that came natural, lost on today’s youth, but then – they have Twitter and SMS……….so who needs to talk anymore……….lol

We knew our Geography, Arithmetic and language skills not from copying them on the Internet, but from actual grinding ‘home work’. We had the assistance of our older Brothers, Sisters and their friends who were ahead of us in School. Parents had their hands full earning a living, keeping Food on the Table and the place we lived in clean. But they still kept an eye on what we were doing and that it met with their standards for us.

Thanks God for this, but mainly our Parents, for it is the reason why most of us stayed out of real trouble. Carrying a Knife and even Guns, was not a possibility. WE had our fist fights and wrestling matches, but no one got ever seriously hurt.

I have found that my education, though it was not University right after the WWII , gave me the foundation for my life, which carried me to many successes to this day.

Developing our senses and listening to same, our Instincts, has saved me from many potentially terrible experiences in my life. The latest I am just coming out of, will be of interest to many of you, as it could catch up with you too. Reading it will enable you to pass it on to others in your circle of influence. I hope you will, as this is potentially crippling for anyone who gets caught up in it. So I urge you to read Parts 2 & 3 in my next Blogs, coming in the next few days.

 The BAD

We know of incidents where unsuspecting individuals have been hurt via the Internet. We hear of Girls being used sexually, and as a result embarrassed, shamed even to the point of committing suicide. Of course we blame those who are responsible, and try to punish them for the harm they have done to that individual, but also to those left behind.

To the ones doing it, it is nothing but a Game, a unique thrill to satisfy their need for something way outside of the ‘Box’. Something sinister, the reason why horror Movies and action movies with particular graphic scenes like the Series “Spartacus”, where Heads come off like shaking a Tree with overripe Cherries. All done with today’s ‘High Tech’  to make it a ‘virtual reality’. Some of it for very good purposes, most of the uses are very detrimental to society, in particular for young undeveloped minds, which Patents fail to protect !

The real culprits are of course the children’s Parents, who disavow any responsibility, because ‘they too’, have to work to make money, make ends meet, and therefore blame society as a whole, failing completely in accepting  personal responsibility for the Children ‘they chose’ to bring into this world.

It’s like Pet’s for Children, when they get tired of playing with them, they also stop feeding and grooming them, letting them to their own devices, no guidance, just as long a they don’t become a ‘bother’ to them. Parents take it in stride, but do nothing about it, but complain of how difficult their Children are, and their own lives in particular. Not seldom do I hear the question, ‘ why does our Government not have programs for Children to keep them busy’ ? WOW….


The criminal element has found the perfect tool for just about any crime they wish to commit, the Internet. Only now it is mostly no longer possible, or at least most difficult to find them, and even more so to get them in front of a Judge.

 A recent experience of my own will be a good example of what to look out for

Some weeks ago I am getting one e-mail from an attractive young lady, who asked to be ‘connected’ with me on my ‘Linkedin” page. As you are reading this, no further explanation of that process is necessary. I accepted.

Not long after that, I receive an e-mail via “Linkedin” from this young lady, whom I am already ‘connected ‘to, telling me of a business opportunity which appeared to fall within my realm of professional activities. It looked interesting and genuine, so I take the information provided and follow up.

I enter into a contractual agreement with the oversees party, and receive my first file to work on.

Of course I check out the Company via the internet, it’s a bit sparse but looks ok. Meanwhile the e-mail exchange is heavy and follows an expected course, details of what, how, when etc.

After about four weeks time, I receive a similar offer, through a different HR professional, bringing me another contact, on the surface very interesting , also  overseas.  Now I have done business for decades with out of country clients, now my Gut tells me to look out. Suspicion is awake, but not active at this point.

I engage and find myself steering rapidly toward another business opportunity, similarly attractive on the surface, and congratulate myself for being that fortunate, and that at my advanced age, where I am working basically because I am not ready to re-retire.

I love my work, I love assisting others in sorting out so called Problems, as I find them to be interesting ‘challenges’ , to bring into useful focus for my Clients.

Nothing better for Old Goats, then to put them into lush green pastures to roam at will.

I contacted both “HR professionals” to thank them for the Contacts provided, one had even requested to be mentioned, I supposed for the Fee he was expecting for guiding a sought after Consultant in to ‘their’ Net .

Their Profile looks legitimate, have 500+ connections, and are Canadian, so what can go wrong ? The fact is, everything can be projected to be something it is not.

I finish ‘ Part 1’ with a warning, with details in ‘Part 2’

WARNING !!! Consultants are being targeted 

 This is NOT history — but happening right NOW !!!


 Let others know – they may thank you, particularly if they are in the midst of an experience like this and have not yet been alerted  !!

The GOOD – The BAD – The UGLY — parts of the Internet — Part 2

WARNING !!!      Consultants are being targeted !!!

Why do BAD things happen to GOOD people

Why do BAD things happen to GOOD people – because the honest are the last to see bad in anything, or their lives would be as poor in quality as that of the criminals who leach on them !

The changing faces of international internet scams, more sophisticated and a bit harder to identify, until you spend a bit of time ‘digging’.

Ten years ago we received e-mail’s on a weekly basis from a Son of an high Government official. The Son’s father had fallen into disgrace, was executed, or whatever, and his Son, the writer, was looking to get his fathers fortune out of the ‘Dictators’ grasp. He asked for someone’s help in getting this done, offering as much as 50% of the monies to be deposited to someone’s account here for safe keeping. The stories showed a reasonable imagination fit for a good ‘Scam Movie’. from the view of the con artists. The money not bad    either – $20 million, some a bit more, some less.The way it worked, you gave out your personal information, your Bank account and send them a cheque for maybe $10,000.00 for survival, Bribes and travelling money. A ‘meager’ donation in view of the fact that the respondent was to gain millions.

 Amazingly enough, it was reported that many individuals fell for the Scam.

Before I could even think about this fantastic offer, a business friend of mine mentioned his prior experience with this scam, as it appeared first in Europe.

More recently I was approached again, this time it appeared to be very legitimate. Here we are talking about relatively little money to gain, but much more to loose

“For those of you still to be exposed to this Scam, here is how this  one goes down” 

You receive an e-mail from a Canadian HR professional which is connected to you, or asked to be, via ‘Linkedin’. They send you the contact persons name and e-mail address, phone number etc. in Japan, who is also an HR person for this large Japanese company. Due to the now approved and much anticipated TPP – TransPacific Partnership Agreement, increase in Trade between our Countries, Japanese Firms are looking for physical representation for their company in North America. The beautiful part is, you don’t have to have experience in their companies product line – in my case a large Japanese Steel Company, and a second enquiry came from another a Week later, a large Japanese Pharmaceutical Company, offering a similar Agency to me.

All you need to do, is when they send you a file to collect outstanding monies, contact the company by phone, fax, or e-mail, and have a nice discussion about why and when etc. about paying the shipment of Merchandise received. The idea appears to be, that this is good customer relations, and will keep or even increase business over time. Seems logical.

In the actual case I am writing about, the Customer in question was amazingly cooperative and promise to send a Cheque by a certain time, likely within the week. The cheque of course is made out in your or your companies name.

This Cheque came from a third party, a Casino of all things , which does exist in fact. In my case it came by Courier from the ‘Casino Rama’ in Orillia Ontario. A very well know Casino, on a ‘First Nations Reserve’. Talking it to deposit, my Banker mentioned, that she knew of the Casino, and the Cheque looked good. That comment upon my voicing concerns about the legitimacy.

 So far this looks all pretty good. What can happen to you, as you will have all the money, right ?!

You deposit the Cheque at your Bank and it is processed, meaning it goes to the Bank on which the Cheque is drawn. Well, it actually goes to the International Clearing House “Symcor”, which clears all checks made out in US dollars. However the Destination Bank gets a scanned copy. This as per my Banker. Learn something new every day—lol.

So all they have to do is clear the Cheque as having enough money in the issuers account. The Bank then authorizes the release of the funds, and a few days later the actual Cash is in your account.

Having a signed contract, referred to by the Scam artist a MOU, “ Memorandum Of Understanding” a form of an understanding in which briefly the terms are reflected, signed by the Scam Company and yourself. Looks all very legitimate. For individuals who still believe in basic human decency and a degree of honesty, quite believable. Since we all like to make money, and loads of it, the easiest way possible, if the opportunity arises, the financial incentive is v e r y good, but believable.

Japanese companies like to do more business here, and wish to have personal representation in North America, the offer seems in line for the required services.


You have between US$ 100,000.00 to $200,000.00 thousand in your Bank Account. What’s wrong with that, you are holding all the Cards, no ?! At that moment you do, but that will change very quickly. If you are lucky, it is only the one Cheque you collect, before the ‘S’ hits the Fan.

As I felt this money coming my way, was too easy, as I always had to work long and hard to get where I am, the dark cloud in my Gut was warning.   As I make it my habit, and here is a bit of a commercial for what I do, I started to dig very deep. On top of that I had some assistance as it turned out. Sometimes I get irritated by Banking staff who seem to be very aloof if they don’t know you.

The Bank in Orillia which was supposed to clear the Cheque, did not. Trying to find out why not, they refused to say, but did drop the hint, that the Cheque appears to have been altered, tampered with. Both my Bank and myself, when I deposited the Cheque, found nothing wrong

Now don’t stop reading,

as how you could get hurt if all goes well for the Scam artists, will come soon.

Meanwhile the company supposedly in Japan, is getting your ‘interim reports’ by e-mail, responding that you are doing a good job and keep them ‘up-to-date. The way they know when things get too hot for them. My ‘Friends’ will find out via this blog.

The Trap

Lets assume the Cheque is cashed, you have it in your account and all is rosy.

You deduct your Retainer plus fees and make a transfer to a destination as yet to be divulged by your Principals. Cruise-ship here I come !!! As mine was returned it did not get that far, fortunately, as I may not have found out about the Scam before I got seriously hurt.

Discussing at this time the rules that apply to ‘Cheques’ with my Bankers, by now we have a supervisor involved, to help figure out what could be wrong with the Cheque. Due to the fact that the Cheque was apparently tampered with, we talk about the merits of different means of transferring money, the timing , costs etc.

So here comes the ‘kicker’ most individuals, even long time Bankers don’t know about;

Any Cheque, if found to be fraudulent, with no involvement or knowledge of the recipient, in this case my company, will be held responsible to pay the money back to the Bank from which the money was drawn on — up to a time limit of     t w o  years!

The Result

Having now the cash in my account, the Scam artists would instruct me where to send it.

I would send a huge amount of money from my legitimate account to the Scam artist.

Within that 2 year period, my Bank is receiving a ‘demand’ to pay the total amount back to the first Bank, as the legitimate owner / issuer of the fraudulently issued and altered Cheque, have discovered the fraud and the money missing in their account. Your Bank of course is going after you to get their money back.

 Your nice little ‘gain’ becomes potentially a financial ‘catastrophe’ for you.

An old saying, not mine, but I do live by it; If it seems to be too easy, it needs investigating, listen to your instincts – always. God gave us those to be the one true way of knowing when we are in danger.

Don’t miss out on Part 3., the conclusion. Dealing with our ‘Protectors’ , very interesting indeed.


************* to be continued***************

 If you know about it too, many will not. please send it on by any means you can, re-tweet, etc. someone will thank you for it.


Merry Christmas to all who read this.

To the ‘Scammers’ who feel that this is the way to make money, someone will catch up with you, so enjoy your rotten existence as long as you can, one day you will feel ‘The Hand’ on YOUR shoulders.




What is the difference between Immigration and Migration ?

Like feeding a Goose it’s daily ration, versus forcing massive amounts of food down its throat. What our Government is doing by opening the flood gates to 25,000 Syrians is ‘stuffing’ Canadians.

It is a sad day in democracy, to have our national Government tell Canadians, we must take in foreigners ‘on mass’ if we like it or not. Democracy ? Looking out for our safety and best interests ?

Setting Canadian's up for grief ?    Paris in mourning- but do we learn our lesson ?

Setting Canadian’s up for grief ? Paris in mourning- but do we learn our lesson ?

40 years ago, no one wanted to listen to warnings about Islam’s intentions, now all Hell has broken loose in Paris, what does it take to convince Canadians not to hasten to create the same turmoil and disasters here ?

For those who have never been in Muslim Countries, you have no idea how they live, what their customs are, and how we as ‘foreigners’ as ‘infidels’ are looked upon, and treated if we do not fit into their way of life, Tourist or not. They have a ‘no nonsense’ attitude and no patience at all with us.

Most of us surely have heard about what happens to people who say something, or worse, do something to ‘their’ Kuran, ( is spelled in different ways). The Culprit is either severely punished, physically, or put to death in terrible ways. Have you ever heard of such actions when someone demeans the Christian Bible in any way ?

 Immigration is a process, which over time, allows individuals from other countries to be assimilated into another Countries society. A well establish, if not perfect way, to assure a safe transition for all involved. The present and ongoing ‘Mass Migration’ is unhealthy, dangerous and should not be ‘imposed’ on existing societies, which have build up their lives with hard work and being responsible citizens of this, or any Country.

Mr. Trudeau may well be a well educated Man, but does that make him a ‘Prime Minister’ ? You think about it ! A Prime Minster is elected by a majority of Citizens of Canada, more correctly by the number of MP’s we elect, in the believe, that he will do everything in his/her power, to protect Canadians, to bring in Laws and use existing, or create new means to enforce such Laws.

Secondly, to monitor and make necessary changes in policies, effecting our economy, ensuring that we have as good a life standard as we can afford, according to each individuals effort. Next, to look after our Citizens, who are no longer able to do that for themselves, our Seniors, our Veterans, etc.

After all that has been accomplished, we turn to our neighbors, no matter where they are, and see what we can do to help those in need as well. Here I make a distinction, that such assistance should never be an ongoing activity, as it always ands up in complacency on the side of the one receiving the assistance.

Immigration is a wonderful invention, which has been practiced as long as Humans have been on this earth. Migrations have also taken place for thousands of years, as Humans want to, or need, more space as populations grow.


Most have been peaceful, some extremely violent. White folks taking North America, Africa, India – just to name some. All have ended with white rule being enforced at the expense of the natives of the land. We have seen and accepted this as ‘normal’, mostly because we are the beneficiaries, and did not take part in it personally.

Hitler was an Austrian national, who was rejected by the German military of the time under Hindenburg’s Presidency. He took advantage of the week economy in Germany in the 20’s. and early 30’s. to recruit his followers from the young Germans. Having nothing to do, no hope of things getting better, they fell easy pray for Hitler’s propaganda machine, led by the expert in marketing ideas, Goebbels. Do you notice any resemblance to what we see today with Isis ? Hitler became Chancellor in 1933 and we know the rest.

The Nazis  eventually took over, and eliminated their opposition in small sections. No one ever thought this would grow to what it had, some were smart and left the country, others did not want to believe till it was too late, they paid a heavy price, many with their lives. But that could never happen in Canada you say ?!

Where Europeans, and now Canadians in particular fail to see the similarity, is what is happening with allowing Muslims in Canada, to go against established and well working standards and codes, to overturn ours in favor of what they want to do.

The reason do not really matter here; First allowing Sikh juveniles to carry ceremonial daggers in public and even to school, Turbans in our well established and liked RCMP dress code, (at least liked at one time) now Niqabs in public and even at Citizenship ceremonies – what next ?

I will tell you; The migration – not immigration, of 25,000 Syrians being ‘forced’ upon Canadians in a timeframe, which will not allow for the type of screening necessary to keep Canadians safe.

It takes a ‘Fool’ not to understand, that this is also an opportunity for Islam, to plant seeds which will grow in ways we can only imagine, to blossom at a time of their choosing. Families have young children which grow up, radicals as well as ‘Imams’ sympathizing with terrorist, have a virgin field of new shoots, which can easily be transformed into willing terrorists, feeling that they have found their mission in life.

Our cultures and believes are to different to mix, why does no one want to admit this ? Which Canadian Woman wants to treated in the way it happens in Islam ? They are coming here in droves to escape their torture in their Countries of birth, yet they come here and ‘demand’ to have it their way.

We have Veterans whom we should do much better for, young and old, but they still commit suicide because they don’t get the financial or medical assistance they badly need. It is these Soldiers, we expect to go and get us out of the messes our politicians and groups of ‘Do-gooders’ get us into in the first place.

We are now stuck with a Government that insists in committing mass genocide on their own people, Canadians. Politicians who bought the votes from minorities, by making promises they feel they must now keep, for only one reason, not for common sense, but to keep face in the eyes of Canadians they are just about to sell down the river.

Mr. Trudeau wants to keep his image, which so many Canadians are buying into, to be a young, energetic, good looking (he is) and dynamic and knowledgeable Prime Minister. Well he is indeed, by designation only, and we can’t change that for the next 4 years. This is not a time, not a subject to go on an ego trip, to prove that your word is the ‘Rock’ we can build on,  by insisting on 25,000 in 6 weeks, instead of 6 month to a year, we can also be broken by that ‘Rock’.

Hopefully some of his advisers will open his eyes, and at least, if we must have 25,000 coming in, take the time necessary by our civil servants, to take in only those, which have been thoroughly vetted. Why can we not insist on them promising to integrate into our was of life ? They are coming into our ‘homes’, they are wanting to be accepted, we even pay ‘big time with our Tax Dollars,  so why do ‘we’ have to change to ‘their’ ways ?

Help keep Canada – Canadians safe! Write to your MP’s and MLA’s to make your concerns heard, before it is too late. Perhaps not for you and me, but what about the Children you work so hard to have a good or even better life then you are having ?

*If you understand what I am saying, you will send it on to others you are connected to via Social Media, word of mouth, make yourself heard, the ‘other side’ does.

Perhaps “Winston Churchill” can open some Peoples Eyes…..?

Soon Mr. Trudeau will lead the Country as we know it now, will it be as safe in the years to come ?

In his amicable way during the elections, he made some statements which disturbed me and many I spoke with, in respect of ‘hiding ones face’ in public. The ‘Niqab’ issue was dismissed with a wave of his hand. I wonder if he did ever any serious research on the history of Islam and the way Muslims interpret the Kuran.

Winston Churchill 1899I won’t dilute Winston Churchill prophecy made by him already in 1899 in a published article. Here it is with  some more recent Photos, showing the differences in the invasion of Islam, and the visible effect Muslims have had in only a few decades, in European Countries where Muslims were made welcome, build their Mosques to worship, and allowed to dress as they pleased, without making an attempt to integrate at all. All that under the guise of ‘Religious Freedom’ and Human Rights, something not known in Muslim Countries, then or now.

There are no words to add to this,  but Churchill saw it coming.  Read his ending comment.

IRAN 1970

No hidden faces, could be western culture
No hidden faces, could be western culture

Now that communication is exhilarating ,not only Trade and Travel, we can expect to feel and see the effects of Islam coming in ever greater numbers to Canada and the USA, and the consequences will not be left behind.

If Mr. Trudeau keeps on ignoring the ‘existing proof’, his legacy will be that of “The Prime Minister” of Canada, who fostered Islam in Canada., and allowed the seeding of “Sharia Law”.

IRAN 2012

All in Black and afraid



It is the Law and its liberal use by Muslim Men, which make Muslim Women leave their Countries, just to shame us, by using our Laws, to have it ‘their way’, here. Their Sons will thanks them by first secretly, later openly, practice Sheria Law in Canada.

Is that what Canadians want ?





And some people still do not see a reason to worry!

Winston Churchill 1899. “Individual Muslims may show splendid qualities, but the influence of the religion paralyses the social development of those who follow it.

“No stronger retrograde force exists in the world.”

The Netherlands ?Amsterdam '1980'
The Netherlands ?Amsterdam ‘1980’









Only ’32’ years later in ‘2012’

Muslims everywhere - no Integration !

Muslims everywhere – no Integration !

This is amazing.  Even more amazing is that this hasn’t been published long before now.

“CHURCHILL ON ISLAM”  Unbelievable, but the speech below was written in 1899.

The attached short speech from Winston Churchill, was delivered by him in 1899 when he was a young soldier and journalist.  It probably sets out the current views of many,

but expresses in the wonderful Churchillian turn of phrase and use of the English language, of which he was a past master.  Sir Winston Churchill was, without doubt, one of the greatest men of the late 19th and 20th centuries.  He was a brave young soldier, a brilliant journalist, an extraordinary politician and statesman, a great war leader and British Prime Minister, to whom the Western world must be forever in his debt.

He was a prophet in his own time.  He died on 24th January 1965, at the grand old age of 90 and, after a lifetime of service to his country, was accorded a State funeral.


“How dreadful are the curses which Mohammedanism lays on its votaries!  Besides the fanatical frenzy, which is as dangerous in a man as hydrophobia in a dog, there is this fearful fatalistic apathy. The effects are apparent in many countries, improvident habits, slovenly systems of agriculture,sluggish methods of commerce and insecurity of property exist wherever the followers of the Prophet rule or live.  A degraded sensualism deprives this life of its grace and refinement, the next of its dignity and sanctity.

The fact that in Mohammedan law every woman must belong to some man as his absolute property, either as a child, a wife, or a concubine, must delay the final extinction

of slavery until the faith of Islam has ceased to be a great power among men.  Individual Muslims may show splendid qualities, but the influence of the religion paralyses the social development of those who follow it.

No stronger retrograde force exists in the world.

Far from being moribund, Mohammedanism is a militant and proselytizing faith.  It has already spread throughout Central Africa, raising fearless warriors at every step;

and were it not that Christianity is sheltered in the strong arms of science, the science against which it had vainly struggled, the civilization of modern Europe might fall, as fell the civilization of ancient Rome.”

Sir Winston Churchill; (Source: The River War, first edition, Vol II, pages 248-250 London)


Churchill saw it coming.

Will Trudeau ?



Who is the ‘Fairest’ of them all ?

Which of ‘three good Canadians’ should lead Canada to the next decade ?

UnknownTo start with, lets be clear – we are fortunate enough to have three good Men standing for the highest political office in our country – one of the best – if not in fact ‘still’ the best to live in.


Why otherwise would so many from other countries want to come here ? Particularly in not only ‘increasing’ – but rather huge numbers, particularly from Arab countries ?

Those countries which have the most turmoil, the lowest standards in ‘Human Rights’, the least respect or ‘hope’ for Women in the future – one could say ‘forever’ ?!

And still some of these Women have no problem to challenge our ‘proven’ way of life, as offering comparatively speaking ‘the best’ for them. Again, the question seems fair to ask – why are you here if that is not so ?       Just one of the important questions ‘No Voter’ should ignore !

Now it’s only a ‘Mosquito – why wait till it grows into an Elephant……..?


Another; how is Canada doing economically when compared to other ‘Industrialized Nations’ ?

True, no everybody is happy, not everybody has enough of anything, but will that ever be so – no matter what we do, no matter who is steering ‘the Ship’ called Canada ?

Ever wonder what happens to the money we pay to ‘1st. Nations’ ?

Every now an then, we have a time, were our ‘First Nations’ try and make themselves heard, and rightly so, but like in everything, there are at least two sides to a story.

No potable Water, no – or not sufficient Shelter for all seasons, insufficient schooling made available, no Voice in what they claim was (or still is) their Country, their Land.

The questions beg themselves; Why are they not integrating with their Land, their people – us, the way we are asked to allow and welcome integration by today’s Immigrants ?

Could it be that their Chief’s have a different agenda, are responsible for the way ‘their’ people live, their people are held back from ‘true’ integration into Canadian society ?

Most of their Chiefs are multi Millionaires, how so ?

Perhaps phasing out the ‘Welfare Payments’, over a reasonable period of time, say 20-30 years, forcing the Chief’s to open their books and account for where all the ‘Billions’ are flowing, which we are paying to them every year, rather then to individuals, like it is done to other Canadians by all our Governments.

Lets make them ‘true equals’ in our society, have them pay Taxes, give support to the individuals who need it, and make sure that all Canadians are on one level, depending on how hard they are willing to work for what they want.

“We are not supporting the individuals of First Nations – just making their Chief richer and fatter !”


TPP a true issue;

of course, as we are no longer an Island on Earth. As we all know, changes are coming ever faster all around us. Changes we see, like Developments, changes we feel in our pocket books – like price increases in all Consumer Goods, changes in how we live our daily lives and in everything else we can think of too. Things change every day, and we have to cope with it as long as we can, or are left behind. The same does for aligning ourselves with the rest of the World and they way we communicate and agree to trade.

TPP – Trans Pacific Partnerships; it is coming – we participate – or are left behind, that simple.

No we will not get everything we would like, but so will no one else either. That is just the way Trade goes, it is always a ‘compromise’ if it is supposed to work and also last.


This Election Canadians who want to enjoy at least the standards we have fought and worked for over the years, may want to really stop looking at which Candidate looks the best, which Candidate has the biggest smile, comes up with the catchiest phrases, has the most Witt, can blow an otherwise ‘No Issue Event’ out of all proportion, because they have nothing to say which make a real difference to Canadians, but just want to be for once     ‘The Big Banana”.

They are all good People as People go – but two of them  are not proven Leaders !!

So why vote ourselves into a questionable position on the World Stage, when we know what we have in Steven Harper ?!!!

He has kept the Chief’s at Bay , he has taken a tough stance to protect Canadians, he has the experience we want in our Leader  to do whats best to keep our economy as strong as circumstances will permit…!!!


(Should anyone be in agreement with my views, please don’t hesitate to pass it on any way you wish, it may help otters to make the right decision.)


Happy voting to ye all !!!





Germany’s Muslim Demographic Revolution

Muslims wanting it their way

Above: Muslim spokeswoman makes threat against citizens of Jersey City

Germany’s Muslim Demographic Revolution, by Soeren Kern
August 31, 2015 at 5:00 am

The surge in Germany’s Muslim population — propelled by a wave of migration unprecedented since the Second World War — represents a demographic shift of epic proportions, one that critics of the country’s open-door immigration policy warn will change the face of Germany forever.


  • “There are 20 million refugees waiting at the doorstep of Europe.” — Johannes Hahn, EU Commissioner for European Neighbourhood Policy and Enlargement Negotiations.
  • According to Aiman Mazyek, head of the Central Council of Muslims in Germany, attendance at many mosques has doubled in the past month alone.
  • A large number (40%) are from countries in the Balkans, including Albania and Kosovo. This implies that nearly half of those arriving in Germany are economic migrants, not refugees fleeing war zones. — Thomas De Maizière, German Interior Minister.
  • Muslim men residing in Germany routinely take advantage of the social welfare system by bringing two, three or four women from across the Muslim world to Germany, and then marrying them in the presence of an imam. Once in Germany the women request social welfare benefits, including the cost of a separate home for themselves and for their children, on the claim of being a “single parent with children.” — From an exposé broadcast by RTL television.
  • “For us today, what is at stake is Europe, the lifestyle of European citizens, European values, the survival or disappearance of European nations, and more precisely formulated, their transformation beyond recognition. Today, the question is not merely in what kind of a Europe we would like to live, but whether everything we understand as Europe will exist at all.” — Viktor Orbán, President of Hungary.

Germany’s Muslim population is set to skyrocket by more than 800,000 in 2015, pushing the total number of Muslims in the country to nearly 6 million for the first time.

The surge in Germany’s Muslim population — propelled by a wave of migration unprecedented since the Second World War — represents a demographic shift of epic proportions, one that critics of the country’s open-door immigration policy warn will change the face of Germany forever.

At a press conference on August 19, German Interior Minister Thomas de Maizière revealed that a record 800,000 migrants and refugees — the equivalent of nearly one percent of Germany’s total population — are expected to arrive in Germany in 2015, a four-fold increase over 2014. He said that 83,000 migrants had arrived in July alone, and that the figure for August would be higher still.

De Maizière said that although many of the migrants are from the Middle East and North Africa, a large number (40%) are from countries in the Balkans, including Albania and Kosovo. This implies that nearly half of those arriving in Germany are economic migrants, not refugees fleeing war zones.


Closing our Eyes here in Canada to these realities, will not make them go away, or less real.

Canada has one of the most diverse populations through immigration in the world today. It is only in the last two years, that we are increasingly becoming aware of conflicting lifestyles between all of those minorities, Muslim Immigrants in particular.

For anyone to truly believe, that Canada will be exempt from similar or worse developments here, as we now witness in all of Europe, is putting Blinds on, and is simply irresponsible toward our Children and all other Immigrants who have accepted the Canadian way of life. Allowing some Muslims who do not wish to integrate, but rather force their questionable customs on Canadians, can not be acceptable to any straight thinking Canadian.

Jersey City is on our Continent – already much closer than Europe, how much closer do we want this ???                                    NO, this is not discrimination – these are simply and unfortunately the facts.


Steven Harper is clearly the only Leader at this time, who has recognized the true threat Muslim customs present, and is willing to stand up for our best interest, unfortunately both Mr.Mulcaire and Mr.Trudeau do not see the threat of permitting Muslims to ‘chip away’ on our customs, a bit at a time, till they have it all one day.

We will all run out of Countries we can immigrate too, when that day comes.

Remember when YOU vote, this is not a joke, this is not a political statement, these are the sad facts, even though you may not be personally effected by it just yet. Being generous, kind and tolerant is important, not discriminating against individuals or groups of Minorities who have adopted to our way of life,who have become Canadians, is something we all understand to be the Canadian way, however, allowing Muslim Women to wear a Niqab – hide their faces from us, has nothing to do with religion, it is totally their- or an individuals own choice. If this is that important to them, why not stay in their Country of origin, or migrate to one of the 57 Muslim Countries, where this is most acceptable, even though today, very few still follow this old tradition in their own Countries any longer. Letting any Minority, no matter what their reasons, change our Laws one at a time, will destroy Canada as we know and love it !

If everyone of us exercised their personal preferences in personal matters in public, we would quickly have total chaos. The rules our forefathers established, permit us to live in harmony with every other person, no matter where they come from, no matter what their believes or customs were in their Country of origin.

Lets help each other now to maintain what we all cherish, don’t be political, be smart and vote for what you know is right for our future.

Mr.Mulcaire and Mr.Trudeau are no doubt fine Canadians on a personal level, but they are foremost Politicians who smell the nearness of Power, few can resist.

Mr.Harper has exercised that power for many years now, and wisely, when the magnitude of steering a Country through all the hazards we know of is considered, he is still going strong and has proven that he can perform. Why take a chance on ‘downgrading’ our future for the sake of ‘change’ ?!

Mr.Harper is unafraid to call a spade a spade, lets hope we can keep and even find more Men like him, to help us navigate through this ever growing labyrinth we live in, socially and economically and keeping the peace at the same time.


If you find yourself in agreement with the foregoing, please pass this message on any way you can, the 19th. of October is just around the corner.












A Man with experience on all fronts

A Man with experience on all fronts

 Steven Harper seems to be the only one with both feet on the ground and his Head square on his shoulders. I applaud his direct reaction to Canadian’s traditions and our way of life being eroded by Immigrants, or by Politicians who want to ‘buy’ votes.

When Immigrants come to this Country, it is no question, for the benefits they see in leaving their place of birth. To put it bluntly – being a Woman in the Muslim Countries is ‘hell’.

They come here alone or with family members or friends, just as long as they can get to Canada, any way they can. Understandably, no problem thus far.

The problem starts when they, for reasons we do not understand, start insisting that we conform to some of their customs which we are neither a part of, nor want to be a part of, ever.

Wearing a Niqab or full Burka, does not only make them stand out, it is even uncomfortable to be around, as it just does not fit into our culture, not to mention ‘Sharia Law’. On my visits to many of the 57 Muslim Countries, I know and accepted that I was a visitor in their environment, it felt natural, and I was the one who needed   and did fit in, as well as possible, never for one moment stepping knowingly on to any of their cultural establishments.

Stepping into one of their Mosques with my Shoes on, my Wife without a Scarf on her Head, a Skirt covering most of her Legs, would have ben unthinkable. Even then, we were given often looks of disapproval for just being there.

Man or Woman ?

Man or Woman ?

Asking Muslim Women to show their faces in public, has nothing to do with discrimination or tolerance. By them challenging our Customs in Court, takes Money and also a long term plan to destabilize our Christian foundation, it is  a slap in our face, telling us; I am here,  I am different  from you, and do as I please, better get used to it. For that, we are however still expected, and required by our own Laws, to look after all their needs, which they know and count on. I find it truly shocking that a Canadian Judge would allow this intrusion into our lives.

That was not they way when I immigrated to this Country, and I never had a moments thought of not wanting to fully adopt Canada as my new home, in every respect. But then I am a Christian as most are in this Country, even the denomination may be different.

If you are wondering about how real your concern should be, look at the history of Muslim’s in Holland. I think most will easily agree with me, that the ‘Dutch’ are a hard working folks, honest, friendly, industrious, successful, and a good partner to anyone who wants to b their friend.

As such, their history with Muslim’s goes back to the late 1940ties.

They opened their doors to Muslim’s, made them feel at home, encouraged their building of Mosques, and welcomed them in ever increasing numbers – till Muslims not only started to push their weight around, but made it clear to the Dutch, that the Dutch better change their ways to better align themselves with the Muslim community.

What followed were a few murders of Dutch Artists and individuals, who made it clear, that Muslim’s were not welcome to tell the Dutch in their own Country, how to live and what to do.

Now the Dutch are taking back their Country, but at what cost to themselves. Fortunately they are strong enough and willing to sacrifice whatever, to take back Holland – their Country.

Have a look at this:

If you still doubt the blind fanatical belief of Muslim’s in Islam, you may want to do a bit more research before supporting their views and believes, which accept the ‘trampling’ of hundreds and sometimes thousands of their own, to death, for what they believe in, for what they want, be the first to their shrine, the Kabba, as again this year. Life means little or nothing, when compared to their zeal to spread Islam across the world.

Do you support that philosophy, do you share their zeal for Islam ?   If not, you have little choice as to whom you will be voting for in October – Priminister Steven Harper

but also pass on this Blog by any means you can, let us not turn ‘the other Cheek’ willingly and have our Children pay the price for us being to gullible in believing it won’t happen in Canada.


My next Blog will give Statistics on how Germany is now  drowning in Muslim dictatorship. You can turn away, or become involved to help protect our Country by just taking a stance when it counts – on election day, for one.