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Canada Struggling To Bring Islam To Our Cities

Migration in full swing and growing

Migration in full swing and growing daily

I have written a few Blogs about what is actually happening around the world, to Countries who opened their doors and even invited Islam into their Homes.

Again, no matter how well intentioned, and Canada’s certainly is, Governments have no control over what is happening ‘behind closed doors’ of the families, once they are here. Muslims, or more correctly, most Middle East countries have families rich in descendants.

As we have seen over the past few years, what their children do when they grow up, does often not have any relationship to where they live. As most do not really integrate into our way of life, our believes, they will always be Muslims and favor the teachings of Islam. Can we really blame them ? I think not, but just that makes it so incompatible for us.

 Europe is feeling it right in their own back yards now – big time !

We still believe, or pretend to, that it is another world ‘over there’. Not anymore, not since we are connected by travel, trade and social media. We have families over there, we have business interests over there – we have like minded people over there.

Islam and Christianity have never been compatible., never will be. It’s like trying to mate a Bird with a Cat, it will never work. The following Video you may enjoy, as it shows some history of the “West’, without belittling any other Society on earth. It clearly shows however, how different our DNA in lifestyle and believes are, when compared to Islam and Sharia Law.

So you might think I am just discriminating, just being small minded ? Let me tell you, I have enjoyed my many travels in the Middle East, had many good hours with Muslims everywhere, done business with them, but always on their terms, respecting – not converting to their believes, and no matter how beautiful and intriguing I found it to be, never had the urge to live there.

There are a number of reason for that, mainly because I loved wherever I lived, in Europe or North America, and had no inclination to become a Muslim. Learning about theirs and other religions and customs is one thing, living their believes is quite something different. It is something that most will find you have to be born into, rare exceptions exist, going both ways.

I am glad to hear, that so many Syrians are refusing to be placed on another continent, far away from home, where one day soon, they hope to go back to. Why are we ‘forcing’ these people to come into a society with which they have absolutely nothing in common ?

Those Canadians who are in support of this, are all good people, trying to help, do the right thing.

Bashar Al Assad, Russia 'having his back'

Bashar Al Assad, Russia ‘having his back’ for how much longer ?

Bashar Al Assad is only one Man, who could easily be put in his place, if not other forces with ulterior motives where calling the shots on this.

Muammar Gaddafi – ‘Colonel Gaddafi’ was as powerful but had to go, once

Once Libya's most powerful Man, a Dictator who kept things together in the Middle East - the very best and worst...

Once Libya’s most powerful Man, a Dictator who kept things together in the Middle East – the very best and worst…

Western powers made the decision. He ruled Libya with an iron hand from 1969 to 2011, but backed off when confronted with overwhelming odds by western demand. A deal was made, he survived, but was it a victory in the long run for anyone ? Much happened to make Libyan’s lives more miserable since then. For some Countries a form of “Dictatorship’ is the right way, the middle East has seen many, still to this day. Yes, there are bad things happening, but worse without it. Here we enjoy, at least most of the time, democracy with all its imperfections, but Sharia Law is quite something else, and that will happen one day, as sure as we are opening our doors to Islam.

Women are still mutilated, stoned by society or just killed outright by their Men, done so with absolute impunity. No wonder they want to come to a country, where this is a criminal act, and persecuted by our laws. But still, even they are fighting our system, a Country they chose to come to, to get away from the inhumanities they were exposed to in their country of birth. Habits and customs of a society with deep and old roots, can not be erased, just painted over, if willing.

Never have we seen in our lifetimes the magnitude of ‘Migration’ as it is happening for the past few years, getting now to a ‘choking’ point for all of Europe.                                                                  

Why are we not taking lessons from those who are now in deep trouble, trying to stem the tide, with little success ?  It’s like watching Waters rise all around you, but not building Dams until the Floods have done their worst.

Western nations are spending ‘Trillions’ of Tax Payers hard earned money, to support the ‘Migration’ of Muslims to North America, many of those against their will. We hear reports of Oil Companies interfering in politics, to ascertain, that they either not loose, or gain access to the rich Oil Fields in the Middle East.

Why are we not getting up in arms to fight this from ruining our lives ???                      Are we to lazy – are we to peaceful – or just stupid ?

Global warming, may in years to come, not be the worst that can happen to western societies.

Little comfort to our Children and Grand Children to know, that their Parents, who are no longer there to protect them, have left them a heritage of incompatible societies to deal with, not the peaceful life we are still enjoying in this Country today.

The very lest we should ask of our ‘new Canadians’ , speak our language, be open, show us your faces, give us the comfort to know, that you will try to become real Canadians, a peace loving and open Society, which has nothing to fear from each other.


 As always, I asked those who agree with my sentiments, to pass on this message to all you are connected to.

 Have a Merry Christmas …….



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