It is ironic when Muslim Immigrants talk about their rights under the Canadian Constitution, when they are not even Citizens o

f this country. Hiding behind a religious ‘custom’ not an edict by their Prophet Mohamed, becomes then clearly a matter of personal choice.

It can be safely said, the reason for coming to Canada in the first place, is that they are no longer happy with their country of birth, and how their freedom is encumbered there, looking for a better life in a country, where basic rights and freedoms are not only in Law, but are being exercised every day..

Muslim Females should be grateful and enjoy the safety that the Canadian constitution affords them. In many of their countries they are not even allowed to drive a Car, or get an education, their Men folk are the absolute Rulers over their lives, and Women are at the mercy of just about everything around them.

Instead of being grateful for being welcomed with open arms by Canadians, they are flexing their Muscles to see what they can get away with. Seeing walking ‘something’s’, as no one can say with certainty, who or what is behind a Niqab or under a Burka, coupled with the knowledge that where this is custom, lives are not of high value, makes us rightfully nervous. If these individuals wish to be treated with respect and made feel welcome, they should do everything they can to fit into our way of life, rather then use our laws to have it their way.

Canadians are mostly Immigrants from many nations around the world, they all bring their unique DNA and customs. For centuries now, all these different backgrounds have managed to integrate for the benefit of all, which has worked as well as can be, when so many different ideologies meet under one roof.

Covering ones face has mostly a negative connotation in the western world, and with good reason. Usually, individuals or groups who do so, are not planning on enhancing the lives of others, but rather the opposite.

When we have our passport photos taken, we are asked to make sure the face is clearly identifiable, both ears must be visible. Other than the fact, that this type of photo is not flattering for most, it never the less makes common sense, and we therefore just accept it. I rarely can recognize myself on my Drivers License photo, fortunately I don’t have to show it in public.

It is interesting to note, that we are speaking of ‘a few’ Muslim Women, not all or even a majority. It is not a religious matter, the Qur’an does not say ‘cover your face’. No, the Qur’an say’s: “Dress ‘modestly’ and ’guard your private parts “’.

Well, if I am not mistaken, that is also something we do in the western world, and the Bible tells us the same, if in different words. For that matter, I don’t see any Canadian objecting to any Woman or Man doing that, at least in public.

We call that common decency, although one can wonder about certain Parades Governments sanction every year, which are a flagrant affront to common decency, rather disgusting and offensive to 99.9% of any Society.

The basic facts may be found by looking to the history and customs of Arab and Asian Countries. Women were nothing more then ‘properties’, and often still are treated as such.

Covering themselves completely, is first of all against nature. As such, unless due to illness preventing us to search out the Sun, we are seeking it whenever we can, as it makes us feel good. As Light can not be without the Sun, we need Sunlight on us to stay healthy, so does everything else which lives.

Worn in public by some Muslim Females, mostly in Afghanistan

Worn in public by some Muslim Females, mostly in Afghanistan

Therefore clothing oneself in a Burka, particularly the style worn in Afghanistan, is totally against nature, as it does not even allow the eye line to be free of cover.

Having done business in the middle and far East over a period of decades, I have had the opportunity to speak with Arab Men, to a lesser degree with Women. One needs to look to the ancient customs of a society, to find the roots from which todays customs originate.

Women all over the globe today, are still fighting for equality with Men. In the western world mostly for equal pay, equal job opportunities, those are the lucky ones. In many parts of the world Women are still fighting for the right to live, albeit by the pleasure of Men.

Mutilation of Women, killing of Women, and that, in what we see as progressive Nations, not to speak of those who virtually enslave their Women, still today.

Customs ! It was custom at one time, to ensure the virginity and /or chastity of a Girl or Woman, by locking a device around their thighs and belly, called a ‘Chastity Belt’, which stayed in place for days, weeks or even month, while the Man was away.

Hard to imagine such an often painful, unsanitary and certainly degrading use of a method to ensure, that the affected Female would stay sexually ‘safe’. Like a collector item, for the exclusive ‘use’ by the ‘owner’.

It could fill a book to describe all the degrading experiences Women had to endure, and still do in many parts of the world, by the hands of Men. To give all these unforgiveable acts a mantle of justification, they were called ‘Customs’ – ‘Religion’ – ‘Tradition’, and whatever else seemed to make a good case for brutalizing and enslaving Women.

But we are not really talking about that. We want to see why Women moving to live in a liberal country like Canada or the USA, still insist on wearing clothing, which we as ‘westerners’ reject, as we do not and never have subjected our Women to these ‘traditions’.

Firstly it reminds us of these historic ‘facts’, and allowing ourselves to really visualize these times, often shown in Movies – written in Books, makes us still shudder and afraid, that by what is happening today around the world in the name of Allha, we could ever experience such enslavement here one day.

Forcing Women to ‘mask’ their bodies or at least their faces, became a tradition, brought about by Men, who did not want other Men to have the ‘pleasure’ to see the beauty of their Women’s faces, much less their bodies.

The Men in positions of power or influence, had their Harem’s, the lesser felt the need to protect what was theirs, as if the ones in power found them too attractive, the former would stand to loose their Women, if only for a night. You may call it jealousy – or preventative measures of the powerless.

Truth be known, this was and still is, at the root of Veils, masking their Women’s faces and bodies. Using the Qur’an to hide behind, is to keep the true reasons hidden, as it is to unmanly, to shameful to those Men and their Woman, who are still living this ‘tradition’.

Let there be no mistake, Muslims are determined to rule the world one day. With their rapidly growing numbers as compared to Christians, spreading for decades into every country on Earth, irrefutably being the cause of great unrest and dramatic changes in how we see the need to protect ourselves, the cost to our societies, economic as well as physically, it is little wonder, when Governments around the world finally are prepared to take drastic actions.

A simple comparison to highlight the differences between Christians and Muslims;We have welcomed Muslims, we are generally not welcomed in Muslims Countries, only our money is.

When Muslims decide, we have offended them, we may be incarcerated, tortured or even put to death. When they offend us and we try to put some limits to what we will put up with, we are ‘Racists’.

Our views will never be the same, as they are deeply rooted on both sides in Centuries of beliefs, customs and traditions. So, the only way we can halt or delay being completely integrated into their faith, is by not allowing us to be dictated in our own countries, to change our ways to theirs, little by little. In the end it will be a matter of numbers, theirs are growing exponentially, our are in decline.

For most Muslims, it has become a nightmare to live under their ‘Sharia Laws’, that is why they are looking for relief in none Muslim Countries around the world, but without the wish to integrated into our way of life. Taking only what they perceive as good, burdening us with what they want to keep, which is most everything, except the severity of their own laws.

To put it into perspective;                                                                                                                                          Scientist have been telling us for decades, stop polluting the Globe, or Nature will do it for us. The result will be devastating for all of Humanity. Are we all ‘on Board’ with that fact – sadly NO.

The signs are clear for decades now, that Muslims want to bend us to their ways, but we don’t quite believe it – ‘yet’. Canadians like to think of themselves as “kind – good heated – patient and forgiving. Well, believe it or not, that what every nation thinks of themselves, Some think of us Canadians a ‘living behind the Moon’ – to put it politely.

Because our powerful Neighbors to the south have been protecting us, we feel nothing can ever happen to us. To those believing this, wake up, everything is changing at an ever increasing pace around the Globe. One day, not too far in the future, we will feel the power of the ‘East’ right on our doorsteps, no longer to be ignored.

There are certain principals we must support our Government on, no matter if Liberals , NDP or the present Government lead by Mr. Harper- this is certainly one of them.

  This applies to everyone, not only Muslims;                                                                                                                               Either live by Canadian Laws, or find your new home somewhere else on Earth.

Again, if you see your thoughts reflected in the foregoing, you may wish to consider passing this on to others, by any Social Media available to you. This way you are doing your part, to keep our society strong.