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Misuse of Taxpayers Money – when will it end ?

Honeymoon with First Nations Chief - How will it end ?

Honeymoon with First Nations – How will it  end ?

From the Time Robert William Pickton , a BC serial Killer, active over nearly 2 decades – 1983 to 2002 was found out, it was not from an Enquiry, but rather from him not following City Bylaws, which got the authorities up in arms, who started shutting his illegal entertainment business down. While doing so, they obtained search warrants, and everything thereafter is history.

This did not come about through Enquiries, but by local law enforcement finally removing the cobwebs from their eyes. They had reports for years before 2002, but never had the Balls to investigate, so many lives were lost, which could have been saved. However, no one ‘dragged’ the Women there, they went because they expected to have fun at no cost to them.

The demanded and following ‘Enquiry’ brought nothing to light, which could be implemented to prevent similar things from happening in the future, but it cost tyne Taxpayers millions. A few FN Women were still not satisfied, they all wanted ‘their’ day in court. Had these Women taken better care in bringing up ‘their’ Daughters, ‘they’ would not have lost them !

To this day Aboriginal Woman are continued to be the victims of foul play, nothing has changed, nothing will, as long as Aboriginal’s as a whole, will not bring a different attitude to the table. Changing their way of thinking, taking responsibility for their own Nation and lives. If all the funds they receive from our Governments – from us, would go where they are meant to end up, used as intended, Aboriginals plight would be well above from where it is now, and remains to be, unless they make changes from within. Using more intoxicants of any kind, may dull their consciousness for a few hours, but never change the reality until they plan and work their way up to the next plateau.

We see shining examples of Aboriginals changing their lives, by taking matters into their individual hands, use and develop their talents, instead of spending their time ‘crying’ and blaming us for their never ending miseries. They are proud members of their Nations Societies, and have earned what they have.

Proof of success by those who strive and make the commitment

First Nations ‘Artists’ Award 2015 in BC. Proof of success by those who strive and make the commitment – no matter what their Nation is called 

Artists who work hard to make and market their Crafts, proud First Nations Women and Men, who have taken the initiative and whatever support available, to integrate into society and make the most of their lives.


Women with ambition and success, they did not get there by crying ‘foul’ when things did not go their way. Hard work and persistence is the answer, as they can be seen by their accomplishments.

                                              Another example of success by young Aboriginals.

It has been documented in every previous Enquiry, that 90% of the murders are done by Aboriginals themselves, by family members, by other Aboriginals whom they knew, only 10% by none Aboriginals to whom Aboriginal Women seemingly ‘willingly’ expose themselves for personal gain, and that often enough at the highest price anyone can pay, with their lives.

There are those who have done exactly that, and worked their way into a normal lifestyle, when compared to the rest of the country.

Enquiries are an easy way for politicians to garner votes, the commodity they need to get elected, and we as Taxpayers carry the actual burden. Hundreds of millions of our dollars are wasted, to what end ? To help those responsible for getting their own people killed, through neglect, to sleep better ?!

What is really happening, is that the First Nations Politicians are no better than our own. They are looking out for their own skins with an eye on their next election, when they need ammunition to show how ‘tough’ they are when it comes to protecting First Nations Rights in negotiations with Governments, Federal in particular.

For that, they are insisting that none FN Canadians are going to bleed a little. Not too much to make us mad, just enough to make a relatively big splash with their own. Most Canadians are in a state of ‘silent endurance’ when they hear of ‘another’ Enquiry is approved. This time at the cost of how many millions being wasted ?

A little late to help those killed, but just in time to make parents of these unfortunates feel that they finally accomplished what they failed to do for their Children when they were still alive; do something, anything, just something….but certainly nothing that would help those who got themselves killed, or for that matter, will in the future.

Until First Nations stop to blame us for their own shortcomings, this will not change. Their Children are neglected, while Parents are doped-up or drink to oblivion to forget their own inability or lack of stamina, to do what it takes, to get out from under.

In recent history , the 1930’s and  ’40’s, we can take a comparative look at what the Jewish Nation did, to get out from under. They had it worse then First Nations, now, only after a few decades, they are the most powerful Nation in the Middle East. Canadians having been paying heavily for decades to First Nations, where has all that money gone ?

Canadian First Nations Village of era's gone by. How did they ever manage to live happy lives then ?

Canadian First Nations Village of era’s gone by. How did they ever manage to live happy lives then ?

 We know, but are afraid to say it !

When we look at the history of FN in North America, we find that their living conditions were in tune with nature. Today there seem to be only in tune with what they feel we can afford to hand them. Work ? That is for the white Man. They are demanding all the exempt privileges, then turn around and abuse them. When one gets caught, it is politically correct to quickly shut it down, turn a blind eye, for fear we have another national confrontation.

A Tax exemption on everything we pay Taxes on, is turned into a ‘Duty Free’ business by some FN, by selling to none Indians coming to Reserves to benefit by the much lower prices they can get, not paying Taxes. Well, with that kind of advantage over the competition, who would not want to be in their place. Illegal ? Not for us, ‘ we have exempt status ‘.

I have yet to hear of a First Nations Member to be put in jail for breaking the Laws we are send to jail for. Reconciliation Councils, Elder Circles are the preferred way to bring these poor individuals back onto the right path. Does it work ? Your guess is as good as mine, because we never get the good news.

Yes we recognize that bad things have happened, and I for one am glad to see admission, retribution and compensation, but that is also where it must end !

Fist Nations are most of the time engaged in fighting amongst themselves. When things get ‘to hot’ amongst them, they find attacking us again, makes for a good diversion to allow things to ‘cool’ down again in their now camps.

Getting together again at long last - taking on the 'WhiteMan'

Getting together again at long last – taking on the ‘WhiteMan’

We hear reports in the Media of unbelievable ‘Salaries’ being paid by Chiefs to ‘themselves’, expenses that would make a Senator blush. When a Government dares to demand ‘accounting’ for the funds Canadians pay to all FN, they are attacked and told its none of our business.

If FN feel so strong, why don’t they work for their money and pay Taxes, then make decisions of how to spend ‘their money’ any way they want ? That would be work – why go there if you have millions of Canadians do that for you ?

It can no longer be the excuse for FN Parents, to neglected their Children, leave them unsupervised, to fend for themselves, and stick us with the Bill for giving FN a ‘whitewash’ for something they, and no one else are really responsible for, they and no one else can effectively change- the utter neglect of their own people, by their own people.

Whenever FN cry ‘foul’, we are ‘bullied’ into spending money for political reasons, knowing full well, by itself, it will change nothing, save not one life.

Steven Harper had it right when he said; “We have an existing Justice System with Laws applying to all.

What we need to do – enforce it. We have Law Enforcement Agencies, who’s job it is to enforce the Law of the Country.            As Prime Minister, he refused to be ‘bullied’ into spending our money foolishly on totally useless Investigations and much less on National Enquiries.

Instead of spending enormous amounts of money on Enquiries, perhaps building infrastructure for more civilized living, would do more to help change the lives of FN to the better. Potable Water sources, Homes, Schools, would be a fundamental start to help them change their quality of life, instead of handing the money over to their Bands and Chiefs to allocate as they see fit. Greed is not reserved for the white Man, and fair play is in our world only for those who don’t know any better, sad but true.

Our new Government is finding out fast, that what they promised in the election campaign, will be impossible to keep. Getting things done in a sustainable way, takes time in a democracy, ‘ramming’ it down our throats will be costly for the average Canadian, as it is us who have to pay the Bills, not those we elected to work for us.

Nature has bestowed a number of benefits on Mr. Trudeau, I hope one of them will be to realize, he is not God, and forcing matters, just because he now can, does not mean it will work, or be good for Canadians.

 What we can do ?

Make our concerns heard by those we have elected – let them know we are watching and have concerns about what and how they are using the mandate we gave them, to look first of all, after our needs, before trying to look magnanimous on the World stage.

Elizabeth May, for years the only MP of the Green Party has persistently pointed out the shortcomings of Governments decisions. She is only one person, who with guts and integrity, has become the conscious of the nation on climate change and preservation of nature and thereby our lives.

To me she is an example of what one dedicated person with good intentions can do to prevent the worst from happening, supporting her should come natural to all Canadians.

Pick up your phone now and let your MLA – your MP know, that you are not approving of wasting money on sheer politicking, write an e-mail or letter to them and to the Prime Minister. We don’t ask or expect them to be perfect, just don’t knowingly and recklessly help or just condone wasting our hard earned money.

We elected you to look out for our best interest, not yours . Politicians are employed by us, supposed to ‘work’ for us – not the other way around.

Arranging to have some Canadians meet the Prime Minister in person is new, but does it actually do anything for Canadian’s, or just make the PM look good and trying hard ? – Only time will tell !

It is up to each one of us to let our elected officials know, what we expect of them, all the time, not just at elections, when most of us forget which promises from the previous election were kept and what excuses were fed to us for all those promises not kept.


*As always, thank you for ‘checking in’. If you happen to agree in principal, pass this message on, it may not do a great deal to influence the Governments, but if you don’t, is will most assuredly die right here………





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