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Our approach

GroupTalkPart 1 – Situation Analysis (you do – but we can help)

This part is to assist you in identifying the details of your situation or a problem, you may want help with, to resolve.

In order to do that, you first must be clear as to the facts. Filling in the details below, will help you to get a balanced record of what you need to address. It will serve as a basis for trying to resolve the matter on your own, and it will save time, in the event you engage us to analyze and offer solutions. Click here to read more…

balancePart 2 – Impact Analysis (done by us)

Unless already identified by yourself, we will endeavour to provide you with a comprehensive analysis of possible solutions and options, leading to a satisfactory solution for you.

After initial review of every situation, we may find that it is necessary to make enquiries, or consult with other professionals or specialists, all in order to provide you with a fact based analysis, which is required to propose solutions. In the process we will always attempt obtaining the best at reasonable cost to you. Click here to read more…

“Nothing will be done without your prior approval”.

CloudHandsPart 3 – Solutions (done by us)

The solutions we offer, will be based on;
• the facts presented to us by you and others identified by you.
• by other factors we can determine during research
• in consultation with others – if indicated
• in direct negotiations with 3rd. parties involved

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We also offer expert assistance in;

Real Estate Sales , Purchases & Leasing, Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Businesses, Farms and Orchards.

If you are uncertain as to what is involved, we will assist in planning the best strategies for you, no matter what you are planning to do. At the right time, we will help you to find the most suited professionals, to assist with, or complete any transaction, on time and within budget.

We believe, negotiating a resolution based on facts, is mostly the best answer to any problem or situation. When presented coherently, based on facts, in a non confrontational manner, all parties will usually agree.

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