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Social Foolishness – or irresponsibility ?

It is the season again, where we hear of tragic accidents with people dying. Snow Boarder’s, Skiers, Snow Mobile Riders, dozens every year.

Does this look like an Injury in the making ?

Does this look like an Injury in the making ?

Sometimes our heartfelt empathy for the Families left behind to cope with their loss, is well placed. Support is rightly given by family and friends, to help those left behind, but it does not fill the terrible void it leaves for Parents who loose their youngsters, for Wives loosing their Husbands nor Children loosing one or both of their Parents or Siblings.

We, are or have, all enjoyed sports in our lives. It is healthy, it gives us the opportunity to ‘de-stress’, to feel joy and the freedom to ‘let go’, to interact with others. All necessary to create balance in our lives, which are otherwise full of work and worries.

But what about those literally ‘going off the Trail’ ? Knowingly looking for the thrill of danger – the ‘tickle’ of that extra ‘Adrenaline High’ ? Skiers and Snowboarders going knowingly ‘out of Bounds’ ? Snow Mobile enthusiast going knowingly into Avalanche Areas ?

This applies of course to many other ‘sports’ endeavors we know and hear about, and they are getting more dangerous all the time. By some, these individuals are seen as some kind of ‘Hero’s’, ‘Dare-devils’, people to imitated, admired.They are seen by our youngsters as someone to emulate, by others as people who are ‘above’ the ‘ordinary’ folks.

$20,000 for the Gear, but we pay for the Rescue ?.....

Impressive, until the Landing is Deadly or off a year’s  Work….

When someone does the un-natural, we ALL pay the price ! When it happens, we hear about it in the Media for days, with hourly updates, as if North Vietnam had just launched a Nuclear Missile heading our way. In part it shows how desperate Media is for News. Dramatizing others misfortune is part of their Bread and Butter.

However, we all are effected in a very direct way. Governments at all levels are expected and pressured by groups, to fund rescue and recovery missions. Since Governments, to some peoples surprise, don’t have money, they use OUR money whenever they spend, for anything.

This means, that Taxpayers are on the hook. We are financing the cost to assist the ‘irresponsible’ and the high-risk’ takers in our society, who are willing to take chances with their health and lives, for their very personal enjoyment, at Taxpayers expense. Politicians finance what gets the most Votes at the next election ! (See Mr. Trudeau’s Election Promises)

It is high time for Canadians to voice their opposition to Tax Dollars being ‘abused’ to finance Rescues of individuals or groups, who have no one to blame but themselves, when they are suddenly unable to survive without third party rescue.

This is not to say people who are in trouble should not be helped, but when they choose to exposed themselves to foreseeable dangers, they should be made to pay for the cost of their rescue 100%. If they can pay enormous sums to purchase equipment, pay for the cost of travel and accommodations, which are significant, they should be encouraged to purchase Insurance to cover their personal needs when something goes wrong.

Impressive, until the Landing is deadly or at least with year off work.....

$20,000 + for the ‘Gear’, we pay for the Rescue !….

This is not even taking into account the thousands of Injuries every year, to those engaging in ‘normal’ sports activities and suffer serious injuries. These are treated as part of our health care system, which happens to be also ‘Tax Dollars’ and Premiums paid by Canadians.

Wondering why our Health Care costs are skyrocketing  year after year?

 Search or recovery Missions are very expensive, and Insurance Companies want Premiums to match the risk, so many rely on Taxpayers to pick up the Tab. As long as we don’t put a stop to this,we keep on paying out for something we have absolutely not part in.

Millions of Dollars could go every year to pay for much needed services normal and hard working Canadians need, but cannot pay for. It is time we all made some serious representations to our MLA’s, MP’s and Ministers, to make the necessary changes.

Like in everything, taking something away that was never meant to be what it has become, will get some people upset. Supporting the innocently Sick, the Elderly, Victims of Crime and Accidents, would make sense and have the support of every Canadian.

So get out of your Arm Chairs and make some noise, any noise anywhere, just let those making decisions know, that they are supporting or just condoning the ‘waste’ of Tax Dollars, or the changes we will see, will be even worse from what we see now happening.

Have you ever wondered why ‘Minorities’ seem to get what they want, leaving the ‘Majorities’ holding the proverbial ‘Bag’ ?………..What happen to  the ‘majority’ decides in a Democracy ?

 *As always, if you see merit in what you read here, pass it on, someone else may want to know and actually do something about it.




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